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Wing sampler platter at Plato; Credit: Garrett Snyder

Spicy, Double-Fried Chicken Is All the Rage in Koreatown (Again)

Korean fried chicken and chi-maek pubs (a portmanteau of “chicken” and "maekju," or chicken and beer) became all the rage in Koreatown when Kyochon first roared into L.A. in 2007. Following the initial gold rush for Korean fried chicken (or "K.F.C." as it was slyly dubbed by fans) a wide range of......
Yen ta fo at Thai Noodle King; Credit: Tony Chen

A Former Thai Funk Singer Is Dishing Killer Noodles in South L.A.

In 2008, Panadda Chayapark— a 60-year-old Thai grandmother and retired funk singer who speaks passable English due to having gone to a “good school” in Thailand — felt like her life in Bangkok was a bore. Then she got an offer from a long-time friend to come to L.A. and join......
Chimeny Coffee's Green Tea Brick Toast with Ice Cream.; Credit: T. Chen

Eat Like Andy Ricker While Shopping at "Thai Costco" LAX-C Plaza

Much like hundreds of other Thai restaurateurs in Southern California, Andy Ricker was attracted to Los Angeles in part thanks to LAX-C, the "Thai Costco” that sits on nearly six acres of land at 1100 N. Broadway, not far from downtown. In addition to the main cash-and-carry grocery business, LAX-C......
a Tokyo cat cafe; Credit: Flickr/MsSaraKelly

California's First Cat Café Is Coming to Chinatown in October

The Catfe is indeed coming to Los Angeles. Half a year after announcing a kickstarter to fund America’s first cat café, Carlos Wong, the guy behind the venture, is bringing his concept to fruition, albeit a fleeting one. From Oct. 2-5, Wong will partner with Chinatown BID and Best Friends......
House Dog.; Credit: T. Chen

Dirt Dog Team on Their New Topping-Crazy Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Shack

Richard Larios, Timothy Cam and Philip Ozaki understand you don’t have to be an Angeleno to enjoy bacon-wrapped hot dogs. They also understand L.A.’s desire to eat dirty dogs during daylight. Thus on Friday, August 1, the three men are opening Dirt Dog, a small but heartfelt hot dog shack......
Fish King; Credit: T. Chen

4 Places to Get Good Poke in L.A.

While even poke stalwart Sam Choy isn’t sure of poke’s exact origin, it's apparent that the current form of Japanese-influenced poke became pervasive throughout the “grindz” culture in the 1970s. Since then (and even more so since President Obama’s win), poke has become one of the go-to island food memories......
626 Night Market on Labor Day 2013; Credit: Bryan Cole

Night Market Comes to Monterey Park

The city of Monterey Park has approved the first long-term city-sponsored night market in the Southland. KCM Agency, the Korean-American event production and marketing force behind Kollaboration and K-town Night Market  has signed an agreement to host six-hour long public nighttime soiree at Barnes Park every third Friday of the month......
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