Tommy Nguyen

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You Can’t Hurry Lust

Van Hunt has a younger brother who’s at that age when making love to a woman should come with a discerning soundtrack. But Hunt often finds himself shaking his head when he hears his brother turning up the volume behind his bedroom door. He can only hope the kid is......
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Sincerely Excessive

“Familiar Feeling,” the first song on Moloko’s fourth album, Statues, features a two-and-a-half-minute intro that, at brush encounter, seems grandiose, absurdly cinematic. With escalating orchestral maneuvers billowing up into a solar flare of clashing cymbals, it feels as if a car-chase sequence, mad-dash-edited with flashbacks of childhood and cocaine use,......
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Canning the Angst

WHEN YOU FIRST HEAR HIS SONGS ABOUT dead passengers or sleeping on needles, you might picture young Sondre Lerche in the back of some classroom, silently scribbling notes to himself. You’d imagine him skinny, too talented, the sensitive-artist type, humming Cole Porter, Elvis Costello and ’60s Brazilian pop as though......