Teka-Lark Fleming

Artist Norm Maxwell in front of his Double Dutch mural outside Gallery 38; Credit: Teka-Lark Fleming

Can This New Gallery Become the Center of the West Adams Art Scene?

West Adams is ground zero for cutting-edge, trailblazing, artistic entrepreneurs on South L.A.’s Westside. Zoe's Vintique, an eclectic vintage clothing shop, Delicious Vinyl/Pizza, a hip-hop pizza joint, and the art space O'Gallery are just a few of the hip businesses on Adams Boulevard. Now Philadelphian Badir McClearly, 31, and Brooklynite Erez......
Anonymous volunteer editors decide who's in Wikipedia

Black Artists Get Wikipedia Pages at Last, Thanks to an Edit-a-Thon

Two days ago, Stacy Allan, a Wikipedia expert from Cal Arts, and Denise McIver, the California African-American Museum librarian, held an "edit-a-thon" to add black visual and performing artists to Wikipedia. When the day ended, arts experts and everyday citizens had added 15 noteworthy African Americans—who until then had been......