Tawny Flechtner

An acorn woodpecker. I love these guys. If you've ever seen a Woody Woodpecker cartoon

Birding in L.A.: 7 Reasons to Do It, and How to Get Started

Bird-watching. A word that is synonymous with you don't really know because you've already lost interest just thinking about it for one second. Lucky for you this post isn't about bird-watching; it's about birding. I said MOTHERFUCKIN' BIRDING, YOU GUYS! Sorry. I got a little overzealous trying to dispel your......

Why I'm Fine With the 'Hipster Flip' Phenomenon

As the lease was set to expire on the Pasadena condo we're currently renting, I, my husband and our young spawn were in the market for a home to buy. Spring selling season is upon us and we wanted to buy while the market is still crapped out. Plus, having......
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