Susan Ji Young Park

Big Al's Halal Pizza; Credit: Susan Ji-Young Park

Now Open: Big Al's Halal Pizzeria in Maywood

Some say that L.A. is having its pizza moment. Big Al's Halal Pizzeria entered the pizza fray on Saturday, Feb. 2 with a grand opening block party. Although, you might ask,"What exactly is halal pizza?" The second question you may ask is "Why halal pizza and in Maywood of all......
Banadir Somali Restaurant: Rice and goat meat; Credit: Susan Ji-Young Park

10 Best Halal Dishes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles can, yet again, boast about having the most variety, if not depth, of something. Home to the most diverse Muslim population in the United States, Los Angeles County is full of halal restaurants. Halal means permitted or lawful according to Sharia (Islamic) laws. In the realm of dining......
grilled pork belly at Palsaik Samgyeopsal; Credit: Anne Fishbein

10 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles' Koreatown probably doesn't need another BBQ place -- well, at least not another Korean one. There seems to be a restaurant with tabletop grills in every plaza, strip mall and food court, cannibalizing another one's business two doors down or across the street. Let's be blunt: Entrepreneurial first-generation......

L.A.'s Idea of Korean Food vs. What Koreans Really Eat

Our continuing series of Venn Food Diagrams has explored American regional and a smattering of international cuisines in no particular order or with any sense of geographic or cultural continuity. We're taking another random trip from the land of tater tot hot dish to the land of kimchi hot dish......
Soy and Coca-Cola Marinated Flank Steak at Forage in Silver Lake; Credit: Eugene Ahn

Korean BBQ Trivia + Forage's Soy and Coca-Cola Flank Steak Recipe

If you've ever wondered if Korean households have dining tables with built in bbq holes, like the ones at Korean bbq restaurants, the answer is "no". The historical antecedent for modern restaurant tables are traditional Korean kitchens with round stoves (agungi) that were fueled by wood or large cylindrical charcoal......
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