Slobodan Dimitrov

Best of L.A. 2005: Encounters

My images of the L.A./L.B. harbors show what I treasure most about my neighborhood. I live five minutes from both harbors, and the drive to my studio at Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, takes me over two bridges, sometimes three. The studio, a former U.S. Army barracks, sits on......
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Don't mourn for me, organize! The visitation and rosary of L.A. labor boss Miguel Contreras, who died May 6......
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Hands On

A minister and his flock get in the spirit of things at Hollywood Tent, an “altar of unity and worship” that took place April 3 through 5 at Hollywood and Argyle......
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There She Is

Grace Ferrer, representing the Mexican Chamber of Commerce, at East L.A.'s Mexican Independence Day parade, 9/8/02......
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