Sean Ford

The New Corporate Breakfast?; Credit: Taco Bell

Smart People Have a Stupid Focus Group About Taco Bell Breakfast

"Convenience is king" seems to be the new marketing campaign for Taco Bell’s breakfast menu. As their slogan suggests, “a one-handed breakfast” is the modern-day solution for go-getters, multi-tasksers, commuters, and jugglers. Ease of use is so important to Taco Bell that their latest commercial depicts young professionals leveraging the......
Taylor's Steakhouse; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Make it a Man-Date: 5 Great L.A. Spots to Rekindle a Bromance

Many bored girlfriends agree: Guys aren't that good at going out. Even if you can get them to leave the house, they’ll probably suggest the same old place, and they’ll probably even order the same old thing. So when it’s time for two guys to go out together, even their......
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