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Mix lemonade and iced tea to make an Arnold Palmer; Credit: Tiffany Wu via Flickr

The Arnold Palmer Origin Story

Arnold Palmer, who died yesterday at the age of 87, will be remembered by many as one of the greatest golfers of all time and one of the nicest. Palmer’s golf skills made him an athlete, but his charisma and congenial personality made him a star and helped popularize the......
Raw camel milk and kefir at Erewhon Market; Credit: Sara Rashkin

Where to Find Raw Cow, Goat and Camel Milk in L.A.

California is one of 13 states where it is legal to sell raw milk to the public, meaning you can find it in several L.A. grocery stores. As sales of raw milk grow, so does debate over its health claims and hazards. If you're planning on celebrating National Dairy Month this......
Mushroom and garlic taco at B.S. Taqueria; Credit: S. Rashkin

The 10 Best Vegetarian Tacos in L.A.

Los Angeles is known for a thriving taco scene as well as a large health-conscious vegetarian scene, but the two worlds are rarely mentioned in the same conversation — unless it’s with a derisive comment for the other side. The words “vegetarian tacos” sound like blasphemy to some taco fans, but......
Mince pies at Ye Olde King's Head Bakery; Credit: S. Rashkin

Where to Get Holiday Mince Pies in L.A.

The British often catch more flak than flattery in matters of cuisine, and foods like mincemeat pies can put off many Americans. A sweet pie that contains spiced fruit, brandy and… chopped meat? Hard pass. But mince pies have evolved since the Middle Ages (including banishing the meat in many......
Sweet potato pie at Gjusta; Credit: S. Rashkin

Where to Get Out-of-the-Ordinary Thanksgiving Pies in L.A.

Pie is a mandatory element of a proper Thanksgiving spread, and a great pie is the perfect way to punctuate a successful holiday feast — or obliterate the memory of a bad one. But if you're bored by the same old pecan and pumpkin, welcome to the club. From salted......
Water sommelier Martin Riese with spring and mineral bottled waters; Credit: S. Rashkin

What Kind of H20 Should You Drink? We Asked L.A.'s Only Water Sommelier

The act of drinking water seems to have become unnecessarily confusing. What is the average person to make of advertisements for “alkaline water” and discussions of “total dissolved solids?" How different can water taste? And what environmental impact do our decisions about bottled water have? For guidance, we turned to......
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