Sara Parenti

Platine Cookies' Platino; Credit: S.Parenti

Oreos: Milk's Favorite Cookie Becoming L.A.'s Favorite Cookie?

Oreos, somehow, are always a contender for most popular cookie. The chocolate sandwich crème has been a cookie jar staple in the American diet since 1912, and its classic "cookies n cream" combination - chintzy or not - always draws a crowd. Now, it seems that the actual oreo itself......
Edwin's and Mahleur 12 at The Mercantile LA; Credit: SParenti

6 Cheese and Beer Pairings For St. Patrick's Day

Wine-and-cheese is such a classic combination that you might not think of going beyond it. But beer is a pretty terrific match for cheese too, and this is just the week to switch out your glass of Cab for a pint. Consider it an homage to the biggest beer drinking......
Minuet by Andante Dairy; Credit: sparenti

Valentine's Cheese: What Love's Got To Do With It

It feels only appropriate to celebrate cheese during the amorous month of February. In addition to being the main ingredient of one the most iconic romantic food symbols--the fondue pot--cheese-making is pretty much a craft of pure passion. So this Valentine's season, perhaps on a break from writing odes, you......
The waffle with marscapone at Cecconi's

10 Best Breakfasts: Out of the Bowl and Into a Brioche

Day in and day out, many of us are hooked on the following routine: the drape over the kitchen sink to slurp up our cereal, or the dodging of speed bumps and monitoring of traffic signals between spoonfuls of yogurt or--if we're stuck in the 80s--cottage cheese. It's easy to......
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