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Best Weekend-Excess Redemption: Griffith Park Composting Workshops

When repenting is due after a weekend of rule-breaking, head to the hills for Griffith Park’s composting workshops. On the fourth Saturday of every month, the park crew puts on morning classes that offer instruction in the best methods of composting for every type of home dweller. Come prepared to......
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Best Weeknight Cabaret: Incandescence Wednesdays at the Edison

If you make your way down Harlem Place, past the man in the fedora guarding the door, and step into the caverns of the Edison on a Wednesday evening, you will find yourself head-deep in Roaring-’20s Berlin. A quartet of flapper girls adorns the stage while contortionists spiral from the......
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Best Use of a Gorilla Mask: The Bronx Zoo at La Cita

If you have ever felt that the only thing missing from your Saturday afternoon was a stiff Bloody Mary and a woman in a gorilla mask, look no further than La Cita, the downtown dive bar turned hipster joint. La Cita is expanding its entertainment options beyond indie-rock-heavy DJ nights......
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Best of the Fashion Free-for-Alls: New Mart and Kukuly's

Comprising more than 90 downtown blocks, the Fashion District can seem daunting. But if you can manage to find a parking spot — and walk away without a ticket — the day can be a resounding success when you know where to go. When the knock-offs start to make you......
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