S.L. Duff

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Destruction and Recreation

Photo by Sean Murphy Destruction, self-abuse and general mayhem are the essential ingredients of Amen’s notorious stage show. The press in Europe, where the band is a top draw and a media darling, is peppered with descriptions of a rock event that’s more demolition derby than musical performance. Yet things......
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Two Chords and a Pazam!

AT FIRST EXPOSURE, THE WARLOCKS' PSYCHEDELICIZED, morphine-tinged aural haze suggests they're slackers too stoned to get out of bed and do an honest day's work. Upon investigation, of course, the six turn out to be some of the hardest-workin' sombitches on the Los Angeles music scene. For the past 18......
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Will Jam 4 Food

Illustration by Geoffrey Grahn WHAT DO THE BLACK CROWES, BLUES TRAVELER, BELA FLECK AND the Flecktones, the Jazz Mandolin Project, Poi Dog Pondering, the Allman Brothers, Rusted Root and DJ Logic have in common? They're all listed on the links page of Jambands.com. This, and the presence of hundreds of......

Is the Corpse Smelly Yet?

To say the thrill has gone from independent record making would be an understatement. Where once it was the renegade end of the music business, usually one or two steps ahead of the majors in finding talent and shaping trends, now it seems like a barely tolerated bastard child. How......
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