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Op-Ed: Restaurant Workers' "Nightcare" Double Whammy

Commuting to work sucks, especially when you live in L.A. It's not only annoying in a soul-crushing kind of way, but takes up enough time that it has a dramatic effect on one’s income. If your salary is $50,000, but it takes you two hours to commute every day, you......
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Why Trans Inclusivity Makes Good Business Sense for Restaurants

Food service professionals have gathered annually at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo since 1936 to share their knowledge and experience. This year's event, taking place at the L.A. Convention Center August 28-30, includes a two-hour seminar titled “The New Normal: Trans Inclusivity in the Workplace.” It's a series of presentations......
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How Olympians Eat

Back in 2008, when we were first introduced to the then 23-year-old merman Michael Phelps, what fascinated us as much as his mastery of water was his monstrous appetite. As the New York Post pointed out, during his week-and-a-half of competition in Beijing, Phelps ate roughly 12,000 calories a day......
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