Rachel Brodsky

Why Music Critics Shouldn't Date Other Music Critics

They say artists shouldn't date other artists, and actors shouldn't date other actors. This is also the case when it comes to music writers. For starters, music writers are a miserable lot who are mostly paid in concert tickets, ego-stroking and swag, rather than actual money. Plus, they're opinionated like......
Arcade Fire; Credit: Photo courtesy of Merge Records

Let's Admit It: Arcade Fire Is No Longer Any Good

First things first: Back in 2004, I, too, drooled over Win Butler and Régine Chassagne and their intriguing French-Canadian brand of slightly-rocking je ne sais quoi. I danced to Arcade Fire music at parties. I nabbed overpriced tickets to their, very enjoyable, Neon Bible tour. But in 2013, the year......
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