Piotr Orlov

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Photo by Tim Soter LCD Soundsystem is indeed a real band — and a great dance-rock band at that. You can forgive this coming as a surprise to the crowd who showed up at the Echo in late October to see LCD make its Los Angeles debut, solely on the......
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Photo by Katie Glicksberg By the backbiting standards of Detroit’s techno scene, it was a coronation. While introducing Underground Resistance’s DJ Rolando for his headlining set at this year’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival, event producer/ techno godfather Derrick May handed out props to the Motor City’s beat-music innovators — the......
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Sixtoo Hops Off

Photo by Shane Ward BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, Canadian producer/MC Sixtoo (Vaughn Robert Squire) used to be an angry young man, and he used his anger well. A big fish in the Halifax scene, Sixtoo single-mindedly defined himself by his dark sci-fi tracks, his merciless hi-IQ battle rhymes and the......
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Subcultural Sing-Along

Like hope, the Pixies were always popular — waaay more popular than the establishment gave them credit for. It’s a conspiracy theory that would have been mathematically provable had computer-regulated charts appeared a couple of years earlier. Today, it has become merely legend. But if firsthand knowledge is fact, it’s......
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