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Nokia Cinema

For the past few months, analysts have been crediting new media with revolutionizing American filmmaking. Using handy buzz phrases like ”the new language of film,“ pundits have pointed to the nonlinear plotline of Doug Liman’s Go, the fanciful cyberlike brain portal in Being John Malkovich and the transdimensional topography of......
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In Bed With Oscar

It‘s Oscar season, and mainstream media coverage of the impending awards ceremony clings to its traditional preoccupations -- who’s the Best Picture front-runner (Cider House is neck and neck with American Beauty), who‘s bringing whom and wearing what (Jane Fonda, a surprise presenter, will be sporting Vera Wang). But what......
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Vampire Slayers Arise!

If this were a Fox reality TV show, they‘d call it When Good Web Sites Go Bad. For the last three years, fans of the teen-oriented WB hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been building an online community of cooperative fan sites with evocative names like “Domain of the Slain”......
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Cracking DVD Code

Illustration by Tavis Coburn In the 1995 film Hackers, a cunning security expert working for an oil company hatches an embezzlement scheme. Everything is going according to plan until teenage hackers (including a young Angelina Jolie) break into the corporation’s database and uncover the plot, at which point the corporation......
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Imperfect Pitch

That was the noble idea, at any rate, behind ShowBIZ Data‘s online Worldwide Pitch Festival, which ran concurrently with Sundance from January 21 to 29. Through an online auction, creative amateurs were given the opportunity to pitch story ideas to Hollywood moneymen searching for the next Matrix or, worst-case scenario,......
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Access Denied

TV‘s entertainment newsmagazine Access Hollywood thought it was being hip when it first aired its new Internet-derived segment, ”Battle @ the Box Office,“ on November 5, but it ended up paying dearly for its panache. The segment featured Max Keiser, co-founder and creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX), a......
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