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Comedy My Blind Brother Admits the Disabled Can Be Awful Bros, Too

The road to equal treatment has been a long and difficult one for the disabled community, and littered with setbacks and defeats. Occasionally lost in that quest for accessibility legislation and insurance mandates has been the subordinate struggle to recognize the fact that, yes, the disabled can be assholes, too......
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Yoga Hosers Finds Kevin Smith Barely Making a Movie

Were we wrong to root for Kevin Smith? When he burst onto the scene in 1994, it was the most improbable of rags-to-riches movie narratives: bankrolling Clerks by selling his comic book collection and running up thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Almost overnight, he joined the likes of......

Hong Kong Hospital Shoot-’em-Up Three Is on Life Support

If we can credit any director with upholding the legacy of Hong Kong crime cinema in the age of American action-movie dominance, it’s Johnnie To. Unlike contemporaries who’ve lapsed into semi-retirement (Ringo Lam) or turned increasingly to historical epics (John Woo), comedy or wuxia (Andrew Lau), To continues to hold......
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Anti-Vaccination Doc Vaxxed, Booted From Tribeca, Is a Tragic Fraud

Vaxxed, the new “documentary” about the alleged connection between vaccines and autism, is directed by Andrew Wakefield, the disgraced doctor responsible for duping untold thousands of parents into believing vaccinations could give their children autism. This may not be news to anyone who’s followed the controversy surrounding the film’s abrupt......

Tommy Lee Jones' The Homesman Brings a Lost America to Life

Tales of the Old West continue to make up a significant portion of our cultural narrative, mostly because we still like to comfort ourselves with stories showing that ours is a land of opportunity. Making the trek to the American frontier promised a new life or, at the very least,......
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