Penelope Trunk

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Working Girl

Photo by Deborah Wald Strawberry Saroyan. Cutthroat creative-writing students would die for her last name. But mining her grandfather’s reputation for literary depression is not something for Straws (people call her that, really). She started at the bottom of the literary ladder with a crap apartment in New York City......

Lab Coat Revolutionary

Photo by Slobodan Dimitrov Dr. William Cunningham is revolutionizing medicine, and overseeing perhaps the most important medical-research program in Los Angeles. But first he has to get to his car — no small task, considering a rapist described only as an "African-American male" has been prowling the campus. After working......

LIVES: Gene de Chene's Used Books

GENE DE CHENE TOURED FRANCE during World War II and came back home to Los Angeles with nothing to do. He started looking for the meaning of life — first in alcohol, and then in books. He thinks probably the meaning of life was in the alcohol, but things got......
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