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A visual approximation of the effect film and TV placements are having on songwriting; Credit: 00abstrahiert99/Flickr

TV and Film Music Supervisors Are Killing Real Songwriting

Like many songwriters based in L.A., I’ve had publishing companies offer to discuss deals with me to get my music placed in film and TV soundtracks. Along the way I’ve heard things like this: “Your song is really beautiful but it will never get placed because it’s too personal and......
If your song never gets to the chorus

Dear L.A. Songwriters: Please Bring Back the Chorus

Over the last few years, I’ve had countless in-depth discussions with friends and fellow songwriters about the diminishing percentage of songs in popular music these days that contain one very crucial (some might even say essential) element. I’m referring to the big moment that happens in most of your favorite......
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