Paige Osburn

Shawn King and Raul Pacheco; Credit: Salvador Ochoa

Los Dreamers Tell the Stories of Undocumented Students Through Music

Shawn King and Raul Pacheco had met just once before they started working together on Los Dreamers. That meeting was backstage at a gig at the Fillmore, a 103-year-old auditorium in Denver. King is the drummer and sometimes-trumpeter of Denver gypsy-folk outfit Devotchka — the four-piece quartet that went from......
De'Anza; Credit: Photo by Paige Osburn

Alt-Latin Songstress De'Anza Heated Up KGB Gallery in Chinatown

De'Anza KGB Gallery Saturday, March 7, 2015 “Who here doesn’t speak Spanish?” asks De’Anza Paredes about halfway through her six-song set at the release party for her debut EP, Despertar. Scattered hands are tentatively raised — most hover around chest height, as if hoping she won’t catch them. The self-dubbed......
Latin funk mob: Jungle Fire.; Credit: Photo by Duran Castro

Jungle Fire's Diverse Influences Add Up to a Funky Good Time

It’s impossible to describe Jungle Fire without employing a lot of adjectives. The band/project (they describe themselves as both) sports nearly a dozen members: four drummers, two trombonists, two guitarists, a bassist and two baritone sax players who can also bust out flutes on short notice. Their music starts off with......
Far East Movement; Credit: Photo: Denkym of Transparent Agency

To Represent Koreatown, Far East Movement Revisit the L.A. Riots

The scene used to be tight, Kev Nish remembers. Beats thumped through the concrete walls. Skinny girls in four-inch pumps poured out at three in the morning, stumbling and giggling off into the Koreatown night. The hum of the blue neon — spelling VIBE in capital letters — whirred all......
Jonathan Rado (left) and Sam France of Foxygen.; Credit: Photo by Cara Robbins

Foxygen's Sam France: "We Were Never Gonna Break Up"

Sam France doesn't want to talk about any “rebound record.” “It’s not a rebound. Stuff was never that bad.” France doesn't sound particularly hostile, or even mildly annoyed. If anything, he sounds like a teenager explaining to the teacher why his homework isn't done. “We both were young, certainly,” he......
Credit: Courtesy of the band

Quintessential East L.A. Band Quetzal Celebrates 20 Years

Quetzal Flores and Martha Gonzalez were away from L.A. for almost six years — one in Mexico, four and a half in Seattle — before returning in 2012. They barely recognized the place. “We did CicLAvia and I was like, ‘Whoa, what happened to downtown?’” says Gonzalez, laughing in the......
The BBT taping space.; Credit: Taylor Bro/Blind Blind Tiger

Blind Blind Tiger Films Bands in a Secret Location

The folks behind Blind Blind Tiger prefer that we not disclose where they record their videos and podcasts. Their "online speakeasy" - as they call it - features new and notable local indie bands, from LA Font to the Dead Ships and Manhattan Murder Mystery. You can find new content on the site the......
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