The folks behind Blind Blind Tiger prefer that we not disclose where they record their videos and podcasts. Their “online speakeasy” – as they call it – features new and notable local indie bands, from LA Font to the Dead Ships and Manhattan Murder Mystery. You can find new content on the site the first Tuesday of every month. 

It's in the meatpacking district, but that's all we can say. Why the secrecy? Perhaps because the place is usually crammed with folks drinking and smoking stuff.
The performance space itself includes mason jar lamps, Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and twin rugs with white tigers prints on the floor. Truth be told the spot is a bit scary, but that doesn't bother Taylor Bro, who is one of the organizers and drives a jet-black pick-up truck. Bro swears that's his actual name, and he's a bear of a man, with a bushy black beard and eyebrows you could scrub a dish with. 

The recording sessions first kicked off in September and have been going strong ever since. So, what does it take to convince someone like psychedelic rock band Haunted Summer to come to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, be filmed playing three songs and then be recorded for a 45 minute podcast?

Four large pizzas, two cases of Big Daddy IPA and a case of water. Plus, as we discovered after riding the creaking freight elevator up three floors and stepping into the padlocked room that makes up Blind Blind Tiger central, a shelf of various brown-to-yellow liquors and weed of indeterminate origin.

“Every single time we run out,” says Bro, putting the beers in a mini-fridge already half-full of Tecate. “We do all this convincing, all this coordinating to get them out here. And then they have four beers and they never wanna leave.”

The Blind Blind Tiger team consists of seven members. “It's an LLC,” says Bro, untangling an XLR cable. “We are a business, we have a business plan. We're not making money now, but if you do something good long enough, you'll make money for it. I really believe that.”

During their set this evening, Haunted Summer giggles a bit, but manage to nonetheless ably rip through three songs. 

Later, driving back, Bro talks about Jack White's assholery, which he attributes to being a “Detroit personality.” “I'm from Michigan,” he says. “And it's that constant feeling – 'Yeah, that's great, but the snow is coming.' You gotta be prepared. A lot of people wanna chill out and have fun in the moment… but, y'know, someone's gotta prepare for the snow.”

Taylor Bro is the one who's preparing for the snow.

“For a while we were just cold-calling bands, getting them to come on,” he says. “Bands will tell other bands… They're starting to pitch themselves to us. I think they also believe it, they get the concept.”

When I ask what the concept is, Bro shrugs.

“We like music and we like beer,” he says. “What else is there?”

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