Neal Weiss

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Ashes to Ashes

Photo by Nicole Weingart You will die. No two ways about it. Such a universal truth is not lost on Robert Fisher. The 46-year-old Southern California native has been considering the subject on some level since the dawn of the ’80s, when he waltzed dangerously close to the edge as......
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The Weakerthans

Photo by Dan Monick Punk rock is supposed to be immediate — a song should slap you in the face with some sort of confrontation, be it political, culturally shocking or just plain dumb for dumb’s sake. You should be able to sing along to it, or at least thrash......
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Professional Amateurs

Photo by Bootsy Holler Funny how fate plays its cards. The Minus 5/Young Fresh Fellows mainstay Scott McCaughey and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy first discussed recording together in 1999, but dueling schedules left little to show for it but a couple of co-writes. Then, in 2001, Warner Bros. made the asinine......