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Liev Schreiber (left) and Seann William Scott square off as fighting-mad hockey players in Goon: Last of the Enforcers.; Credit: Courtesy Momentum Pictures

Follow-up to Goon Lands a Lot of Jokes — and This Time, They Sting

Here’s a shocker: What might’ve seemed an ill-advised sequel to a surprisingly not-bad little hockey comedy is … surprisingly not bad! In fact, in some ways Goon: Last of the Enforcers actually manages to improve upon its forebear, connecting on jabs at a rate roughly equal to that of the......
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Das Jackboot: Don't Sleep on Netflix's NSU: German History X

You can have your houses of cards, your Jessica Joneses, your wet hot American summers. The Netflix original with its finger firmest on the pulse of our fraught current moment? It comes from Germany, comprises three feature-length "episodes," and commences its tale more than a quarter-century ago. NSU: Germany History......
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