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Credit: HBO

TV Party: Game of Thrones Tops the TV To-Do List for Most, but Some Don't Play

There are two kinds of people in the modern world: those who watch Game of Thrones and those who don't. For those of us who don't, it's usually not for lack of trying. The fantastical drama takes work, dedication and focus, at least to get through the first season. You either love GOT or you just don't get it, and at this stage in the game it's probably too late to switch teams. Here, a fan and a non-fan share why they will and won't be watching the long-awaited final season's premiere this Sunday....
The Birdcage; Credit: Lisa Rudin

Where to Have a Gay Ol' Time in Los Angeles: A Nightlife Guide

As equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ community slowly becomes the norm across the nation, a beautiful by-product has emerged: There are more places than ever for people of all sexual preferences to come together and party. Here in L.A., queer nightlife has long been a primary source for joyful revelry and creative expression, and promoters and owners alike keep evolving, growing and "(gay)me-changing" beyond social stereotypes, with new hot spots in new parts of town....
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