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Bluebird Brasserie; Credit: Lloyd Lowe

Artisanal Brewers Collective Has the Hops Covered

Given how competitive the market has gotten, new breweries tend to specialize in something — hazies for the bros, English ales for the persnickety homebrew types, crushable lagers for patio bars. The first few high-profile projects from Artisanal Brewers Collective ended up fitting that mold. The 16-strong restaurant group runs beery spots across the Southland, from the Belgian-focused Bluebird Brasserie in Sherman Oaks to the English-inspired Stalking Horse Brewery in West L.A....
El Segundo Brewing; Credit: Martin Cizmar

How El Segundo Set a New Standard for Hoppy Freshness in Craft Beer

The most influential beer trend ever to emerge from Los Angeles was a happy accident in 2015, when El Segundo Brewing was the cool new kid on the block thanks to its much-celebrated, Nelson Sauvin–driven double IPA, Hop Tanker. Being self-distributed and a fairly small operation, it was moving the beer super-fresh....
Credit: Dan4th Nicholas/Flickr

We Need to Talk About Obnoxious Brewpub Taprooms

I’m not here to complain about the natural evolution of craft beer culture, or to bitch about what today’s cool kids are into. American beer is better now than it has ever been. But it’s also worth noting that the customer experience at today’s best new breweries is … lacking. The vibes are bad. And once you’ve got bad vibes, it can turn into a bad scene....
L.A. Beer Week Kickoff June 17

It's the Beeriest Week of the Year in L.A.

L.A. Beer Week kicks off with a massive party featuring 250 beers from 90 breweries and then splinters into a dense thicket of wildly diverse themed tastings, release parties and oddball one-off events....
IPA Brut; Credit: Courtesy Mumford Brewing

Mumford's West Coast IPA Brut Causes a Stir

Mumford Brewing’s Peter Mumford traveled to Brooklyn last month. As is customary, he brought along a couple of his beers to pour for the locals. First, he offered up one of the hazy New England-style IPAs that’ve brought notoriety to his 3-year-old Arts District brewpub. Then he went classic and popped his take on the West Coast IPA, which has a glassy, straw-yellow body and crisp bite of bitterness....
Credit: Martin Cizmar

Highland Park Brewery's New Chinatown Location Has Us Pounding Pilsners

In March, Kunz opened the huge new 9,000-square-foot showcase brewpub across from the Los Angeles State Historic Park in Chinatown. It’s a gorgeous space with a bowstring truss ceiling, miles of exposed brick, a handsome red-tiled bar and a striking black concrete floor. Out front, there’s a cozy patio under string lights. Around back, there's an open view of the new 15-barrel brewhouse, double the size of the previous space, which is still operating on the opposite slope of Mount Washington....
1987's N.W.A and the Posse

Whatever Happened to N.W.A's Posse?

The cover of the 1987 album N.W.A and the Posse does not look like something released by one of the most important rap groups of all time. Actually, just looking at the photo, who would believe that some of the guys in this alleyway would change the course of popular......
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