Mark D. Fefer

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Pump up the Value

Another apparent milestone in electronic commerce, the Internet address sale of for a reported $1 million, has rocked the e-com world. It was the highest price ever paid for an Internet name that does not end in “.com,” according to online auctioneer, which brokered the transaction. And it......
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ONE DAY EARLIER THIS YEAR, MY MAILBOX offered up the following bit of junk mail: "FINALLY! An Incredible Breakthrough for Sufferers of Arthritis. IT CAN BE STOPPED & REVERSED!" Now, I happen to like junk mail quite a lot. I would even say I love it. But my amusement was......
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Patently Mine

Do not attempt to write up a piece of journalism about while consuming a cinnamon-raisin bagel from Goldstein‘s Bagels and listening to a CD of early ’80s Eddie Palmieri. This, you see, is my ”business method,“ and I have a patent on it. Well, not really, but I probably......
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