Madison Margolin

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Getting Schooled in Pot

Whether you're looking to break into the cannabis space or you already work in cannabis and want to touch up your knowledge base, Green Flower is taking you to weed school. Virtually, that is....
Amy Margolis at the Commune in Portland; Credit: Samuel Gehrke

Amy Margolis Makes It Her Business to Assist Female Weed Entrepreneurs

To provide tools, mentoring, training and access to funding that female entrepreneurs need to ensure success in the cannabis space, Amy Margolis founded an accelerator program called the Initiative. And to offer a physical incubator for the cannabis community to convene, network, host events or co-work, she founded the Commune, a 4,000-square-foot event, office and boardroom space....
Credit: Courtesy Lee Gambles

See Cannabis Cultivation Up Close on the Weed Bus

In an effort to show both Angelenos and visitors the cannabis side of the city, Lee Gambles, owner of Smartweed dispensary and grow in Hollywood, recently co-launched the Weed Bus. It's pretty much what it sounds like: a tour bus that gives visitors a taste of Hollywood, and of all the weed Los Angeles has to offer....
Plants in the brightly lit flowering room; Credit: Madison Margolin

Take a Tour of Triple 7's Downtown L.A. Weed Cultivation Facility

Inside a 36,000-square-foot former clothing manufacturing building downtown is a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility, Triple 7. You may have seen Triple 7 weed in various dispensaries around L.A., perhaps including the brand's on-site dispensary, the Plug. The home of $99-per-ounce premium bud, the Plug is fashioned after a department store, designed to be something like the Barneys of weed....
Credit: Courtesy Mila

Dutch Pot Legend Mila on Her Book and Her Innovations

Mila, better known as the "Hash Queen," is a Dutch legend. A single mother, traveler, spiritual practitioner and inventor, Mila has led a life full of adventure, a whirlpool of love, heartbreaks and hash. She has trekked throughout India, Afghanistan, Europe, and California, pioneering the cannabis industry. Today, the 73-year-old cannasseur is finishing a trip to Los Angeles, a stop along the tour for her new book, Mila: How I Became the Hash Queen....
Credit: Felicia Carbajal

Trying to Increase Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

A recent round-table discussion on social equity in L.A.'s cannabis industry drew more than 200 people to hear Cat Packer, executive director of the city's Department of Cannabis Regulation, and Hilary Bricken, a lawyer and legal advocate for the Canna Law Group. The idea was to provide an update on the status of L.A.'s licensing rollout for social equity applicants as well as solutions to ensure the city's industry is headed in a direction that supports participants from communities of color and those otherwise targeted by the War on Drugs....
Lobster bucatini with limonene; Credit: Courtesy Prank Bar

Tasting and Talking About Terpenes

High dining doesn't always have to go along with getting high. When I went to a terpene-infused three-course dinner at Prank Bar in downtown L.A., I noticed I felt calm and satisfied at the end of the meal — but not high. I'd sipped on cocktails flavored with lemon, apricot,......
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