Louise Steinman

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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Photo by Elliott Shaffner PUMLA GOBODO-MADIKIZELA’S HANDS are delicately boned, with long, tapered fingers. As she gestures, you can’t help noticing them. If you’ve read her book, A Human Being Died That Night: A South African Story of Forgiveness, you can’t help thinking that these are the same hands that......

Poet of the Revolution

Photo by Debra DiPaolo Enlarge image Why do I speak in poetry? Because in this heavy mist, I cannot be a lighthouse For drifting boats. THE BACK DOOR TO MAJID NAFICY'S MODEST SANTA Monica apartment is open. The aroma of sweet and sour wafts in from a Chinese hole-in-the-wall across......

The Pharmacist's Daughter

Courtesy the Steinman FamilyMy father had an uncanny ability to reduce any situation to its pharmaceutical implications. Surveying my wedding site in Topanga Canyon, he noted the blooming chaparral and soberly proclaimed, "Everyone will need Seldane." I PEER THROUGH THE FRONT WINDOW OF A CARPET store on an unremarkable block......
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