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Kris Yenbamroon and his grandmother Vilai Yenbamroong; Credit: Night + Market

Night + Market's Kris Yenbamroong: New Dishes + A Trip to Thailand

In Bangkok and barely over jetlag, Night + Market chef Kris Yenbamroong of helped his diminutive 81-year-old paternal grandmother, Vilai Yenbamroong, into the back of a white van for what he calls "an epic trip." Their game plan was to head out of the city up the Friendship Highway through......
brik a l'oeuf

Our Next Meal: Got Kosher Cafe

Never mind molecular gastronomy. When you bite into Tunisian-style brik a l'oeuf at Got Kosher Cafe you experience one of the world's great feats of culinary alchemy. Stab into the crunchy, paper-thin crepe (called malsouqua) and the runny egg yolk oozes out, enriching both the potato chip-crisp pastry and its......
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Into the Melding Pot

Photo by Anne Fishbein When our Auntie Tesmelina would harass waiters to wrap even the tiniest scraps of leftovers into a doggy bag, we kids would roll our eyes. But when those morsels joined leftover bread in her delicious Italian rebollita, or when she would ply us with our favorite......
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Out and About Food

Maybe it’s because I’m basically a slacker, but outings that involve planning for days, packing up the car, finding a pet nanny and then driving more than a 100 miles for a chance to relax miss the point of “getting away from it all.” Unless I’m doing some serious traveling......
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From Spaetzle to Saimintosoda

Photo by Anne FishbeinEarly on in history, some say about 100 A.D., humanity concluded that it positively would not live on bread alone. The baguette-addicted French might say “C’est ridicule” to this notion, but noodles became the world’s favorite comfort food probably the moment folks discovered a cheap, easy way......
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When film crews shot such epics as Stagecoach in the dusty hills of the San Fernando Valley, Sierra’s was about the only place nearby to get a civilized meal. In those days, the restaurant was located inside the home of Edward G. Sierra and his wife, Arsenia, who opened for......
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Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria

"Clifton’s was my Disneyland, an escape from the turmoil at home," remembers restaurateur Jim Lucero, who loved the waterfall cascading down the restaurant’s three-story façade. In the grottolike interior, caged birds dotted tropical foliage; giant neon calla lilies lit a limeade fountain and a sherbet volcano. Its food lines, which......
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