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The Immigrant

Mark Harelik's 2000 musical, based on his play first presented locally at the Mark Taper Forum in 1986, offers a warm and winning portrait of Russian-Jewish immigrant Haskell Harelik (Gary Patent), who settles in rural Texas in 1909, where his wife (Dana Shaw) bears three children. Inspired by the experiences......

Sleeping Ugly

No one could accuse veteran screenwriter-playwright Arnold Schulman (Goodbye Columbus, Funny Lady, And the Band Played On) of languishing in one genre. So it's fitting that this late-career play is a dramaturgic stew — part kabuki/commedia and part Neil Simon sitcom, seasoned with a dash of Christopher Durang absurdism. This......

The Immigrant

I’m supposed to shower by candlelight. And brush my teeth and clip my toenails without benefit of electricity. The curandero, my Mexican psychic and healer, told me to. I told my friends he was research for my new novel, but actually I have to admit I was looking for answers......
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