Lauren Herstik

Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman; Credit: Photo by Danny Liao

Pry Is a Novella-Meets–iPad App That You Touch

Pry isn't your daddy's e-book. Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro's iPad app-novella takes modernism's maxim "form follows function" to its logical end point and then throws it off a cliff. "The form is the function," Gorman says. Gorman and Cannizzaro comprise the fledgling art collective Tender Claws. Based in Los......
Alivia Hunter; Credit: Drew Barillas

At NHM and in Private Studios, Taxidermists Keep a Dead Art Alive

A dead bird in the hand feels like a grenade: cold, compact, loaded. On a Saturday morning at Prey studio in downtown L.A., eight taxidermy students — a grab bag of artists and curious amateurs, all but three of them women — lower frozen European starlings into kitchen-sink baptisms. They......
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