Laura Ferreiro

Portlandia Spoofs Echo Park Singer IAMEVE's Kickstarter Campaign

See also: Portlandia Was Partly Inspired by Los Angeles Since Kickstarter launched less than four years ago, the "crowdfunding" site has become as ubiquitous as the hipster mustache. Who doesn't know a musician, aspiring filmmaker or underwater basket weaver who has concocted a clever video beseeching friends, family and perfect......
Ringo Starr greets the crowd at the Troubadour with Russell Brand; Credit: Laura Ferreiro

Ringo Starr, Russell Brand – Troubadour – 1/30/12

Ringo Starr The Troubadour 1/30/12 Better than... Sitting in your cubicle on a Monday afternoon It's always surreal entering a dark rock club in the middle of the day, but it's even more bizarre when you find yourself standing next to a Beatle and Katy Perry's ex while most people......
Niki Robertson and Paul Tao of IAMSOUND; Credit: PHOTO BY JENNIE WARREN

The Nonsound of IAMSOUND

Only 26 when she launched the L.A.-based IAMSOUND label in 2006, Niki Robertson had been an A&R talent scout for U.K. label Parlophone and was directing videos ...
Drinking Hennessy with Morrissey:

Art Brut’s Force:

“Are you ready, Art Brut? Let’s go!” shouts frontman Eddie Argos, attacking the mic at Spaceland with his heavy southern-English drawl, leading his band through...
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