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Winners of the Voice Media Group Music Writing Awards

William Michael Smith (left, photo by Chris Knight) and David ThorpeThis year, the eleven alternative weeklies of Voice Media Group published many thousands of pieces of music writing, including some of the best work in the country. We're proud to honor our best blog post and best print story of......
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Flowchart: Should I See This Old Band?

Mike BrooksTelevision and/or your local championship bingo team.It seems like every month some old-ass band or artist is rolling through these parts. The Rolling Stones! Depeche Mode! Megadeth! Tupac's hologram! On the plus side, they've got all those great hits. On the minus side, they're often past their prime. And......
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The Biggest Sellouts at SXSW

Marco TorresSXSW is not a music festival so much as it is an experiment in excess. In honor of the world's most bloated city this week, we present the five biggest sellouts at SXSW. 1. Best Coast Psh, I remember when you were all cool and tweeting as your cat......
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