Kent Jones

Wes Anderson eagerly awaits LACMA's tribute to the Film Foundation.

Preservation Road

September 14, 2010. Two meticulously prepared film devotees sat before their Macs at the appointed hour and discussed (via Skype) Cavalcanti’s 1947 gangster/noir revenge melodrama, They Made Me a Fugitive, a restored print of which will be screened this weekend as part of LACMA’s tribute to the Film Foundation, on......
Zodiac Part II

Winding Down

A good friend, recently faced with an end-of-the-decade film poll, threw up his hands. “I was not able to answer,” he wrote to me. He then posed the entirely reasonable question: “What was this decade?” What answer could I give? I guess I could remind him of the historian Christopher......
The director

The Contender

“Like many of you, I’ve worn the friendship mask,” writes Elia Kazan in A Life, one of the most bracingly honest memoirs ever written. “But then, when I have what I sought, the mask would clatter to the ground, and what I truly am would be revealed . . . I let......
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