Katherine Turman

Credit: Brendan Walter

Andrew McMahon Thrives in the Wilderness

Singer Andrew McMahon is seemingly a happily married man with a beloved little girl about to start kindergarten. So why, then, is the In the Wilderness frontman/pianist sharing his tour bus bunk with a soulful-eyed blond beauty named Doris? Typical rock & roll shenanigans?...
Credit: Jeremy Saffer

Mac Sabbath Serve Up a Musical Meal With Organic Appeal

In the pantheon of rock & roll to emanate from Los Angeles, there’s a ground-breaker in every decade: The Doors, The Eagles, The Germs, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against the Machine. And the 2010s have served up Mac Sabbath, a parody band who play Black Sabbath songs with damning lyrics about the food-industrial complex, performed while dressed as characters from a fast-food franchise that has yet to sue the band....
The neon sign at Palomino Club; Credit: Junkyardsparkle/wikicommon

The 8 Best L.A. Clubs That Aren’t Around Anymore: A Subjective List

“Live in the moment,” they say. “Practice mindfulness,” the GIFs encourage. “Be here now,” they intone. Well, fuck them. Like Jethro Tull, I’m Living in the Past. Because, dammit, “back in the day” was just better. Well, maybe not; but 20 (and more) years hence, it sure looks that way. I’m talking about L.A.’s live music bar and club venues....
Dee Snider

Dee Snider Is Still Twisted

One of the most newsworthy events in Dee Snider’s life — and he’s had a few, including eloquently addressing the U.S. Senate during the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) hearings and ruling MTV with the rousing video for the quintessential empowerment anthem “I Wanna Rock” — happened on the 405. Yes, the freeway....
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