Katherine Kims

Croquembouche; Credit: Flickr/chocswirl

5 Holiday Desserts and Where to Get 'Em

Holiday desserts get a bad rap with memories of cloyingly sweet, leaden bricks of Christmas past. Escape your fruit cake funk and end the year with these five sweets: croquembouche, panetonne, sufganiyot, stollen and the beautifully elaborate Buche de Noel. Sure, you can make them yourself, but it's good to......
Old Fashioned Coffee Cake at Huckleberry Cafe; Credit: Huckleberry Cafe

10 Holiday Take-Out Menus: Where To Go for Great Food To-Go

Holiday dinners are stressful enough. Ditch dinner reservations and hours in the kitchen for a ready-made holiday dinner. Step 1: pick your menu. Step 2: place you order. Step 3: pick up order. Step 4: Eat. There'll be ample time for chestnuts roasting, yuletide caroling (and eggnog toasting). Turn the......
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