Katharine Gammon

A Poralia jellyfish floats through the ocean.; Credit: Wikipedia/ Steve Clabuesch

A History of Strange Creatures Washing Up on L.A. Beaches

That red tuna crab infestation that’s blanketing beaches in L.A.? As it turns out, it’s nothing new. In 1858, the crabs washed up on the shores of Monterey in huge numbers. Although people at the time knew that that the crabs amassed occasionally, they didn’t have a name for the......
Birds Eye frozen food plant

How Refrigerators Rule Our Lives

Just stepping into the Center for Land Use Interpretation's space in Culver City gives viewer a little shiver. Is it excitement, or the fact that they have chilled the space and added refrigeration flaps at the door to keep the cold from escaping? Maybe both. The chilled-out atmosphere sets an......
Guillermo Bert's work Redemption; Credit: Photo by Ronald Dunlap

Guillermo Bert Weaves Tapestries That Look Like…QR Codes?

At Guillermo Bert's art studio in The Brewery, old technology fuses with new in the most harmonious way possible. Bert's show "Encoded Textiles," which started Sunday at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, literally weaves together large-scale tapestries with Aztec codes that can be read with smart phones -- leading......
Splash by Hilja Keading

5 Awesome Artworks to Check Out at LAX Airport

People don't normally think of the airport as a place to see art, but Los Angeles International Airport has an ambitious program of rotating works, which change every four to six months. Here are some to look for as you rush to catch your flight:......
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