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Power Pop Ain't Noise Pollution

? POP MUSIC AS FOOD; FOOD AS PORN: To prove my devotion to you, the hungry pop fan, I went ahead and test-drove the new Elvis-based Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (“The King Size”!). It’s a huge Reese’s cup containing an improbable layer of banana-flavored rhinestone-studded white polyester sugar butter cream......
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Robots, Mods, Rockers

Happy summer! It’s been a historic couple of weeks in Hollywood — what with Paul McCartney gigs, White Stripes in-stores and Prince residencies. (See my Prince concert notes below.) But summer’s just begun, and the next two weeks offer some worthwhile rock doings. ROBOTS INVADE L.A.: Daft Punk make pop......
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Lovely Bastards

? ALL YOU NEED IS MOZ: Saw Morrissey at the Bowl a few weeks back; never got a chance to scribble much about it. (This was my first Moz sighting since interviewing him in January.) It was one of those milky-perfect Hollywood nights: mild, quiet, warmish, and pregnant with summer,......
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Sticky, icky Goodness

{mosimage}Oh, thank God. The new White Stripes album is good. The new White Stripes album is good, and all’s right with the world. It’s been a strange few years for them, and for their fans, but I’m happy to report that the kids are out of bed and full of......
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McCartney's Vintage Clothes

{mosimage}There’s a new Paul McCartney album out. It’s not bad! The cutesy title, Memory Almost Full, pretty much tells you what to expect: This album might not be great, but it may be a much-needed return to that breezy-easy, possibly-cheesy McCartney we once took for granted. Ya know? It’s weird:......
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Arcade Fire buddies at the Bowl

Hot off the email MEDIA ALERT ** MEDIA ALERT ** MEDIA ALERT LA PHIL PRESENTS ARCADE FIRE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 AT 7 PM LCD SOUNDSYSTEM OPENS THE SHOW Plus Special Guests Tickets On Sale Saturday, June 30, 2007 WHAT: Canadian indie-rock band Arcade Fire returns......
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