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7 Social Justice Beach Reads to Stoke Your Inner Activist All Summer Long

Sure, you might be on a tropical vacation, sipping fruity drinks and working full time on your tan, but everyone knows fascists don’t take breaks. Besides, books provide a leisurely respite from the nausea-inducing tailspin we all experience on a daily basis scrolling through our online newsfeeds. The fact of......
A recent Bowie tribute night at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale; Credit: Star Foreman

5 Booze-Free L.A. Date Ideas

Alcohol is most people's social lubricant of choice, but having one too many can make a date ... regrettable. Believe it or not, bars aren't the only places for two single people to feel each other out, whether it's their first time hanging out or their fifth. Sure,......
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12 Really Quirky Staycation Rentals in L.A.

Let’s face it. Between working our day jobs, chasing down our dreams and drinking our vegetables, most of Angelenos don’t have the time to plan exotic getaways. Honestly, the only time I’ve willingly gone to LAX’s international terminal was for a protest. Luckily, the 405 makes whatever side you’re not......
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