Josip Novakovich

Box Scores

“I don‘t watch TV.” “What, you don’t have a TV set?” He insisted that I get one, because how could I keep up with the events otherwise, and what did my opinions matter if I did not see it all. “Listen, I read the dailies,” I told him. “But you......

The Big Chill

Last summer there was a terrible heat wave in Central Europe, where hardly anybody has air conditioning. So the cities literally shut down, with everyone driving to the Mediterranean to sit in the cool water. But mostly they sat in stalled traffic. Along with the rest, I left Zagreb, but......
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War As a Drug

Anthony Loyd’s My War Gone By, I Miss It So belongs to that genre of war-tourist journalism that began (perhaps) with Hemingway and was seen most recently in Misha Glenny‘s Fall of Yugoslavia. The idea is simple enough: You go to a region embroiled in conflict, get into a moderate......
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