Joseph Lapin

Danny Boy O'Connor and Knocko of Delta Bravo; Credit: Photo by Brooks Ayola

L.A.'s Pop Culture Detectives

Danny Boy O'Connor, the former rap star, and Knocko Nolan, a current police detective, are prowling the Spahn Ranch, looking for a cave where the Manson Family once posed for a picture. The two men are on a trail in Chatsworth just south of the 118 freeway, a spot where......
Credit: Metro

What Happens When You Read Poetry on the L.A. Metro?

At Union Station on the Gold Line platform this past Saturday, the commuters and sojourners of the Los Angeles weekend are greeted by the unfamiliar sound of...poets. A group of men and women -- all ages and ethnicities -- are reading lines in Spanish and English, blaring out their tropes......

18 L.A. Literary Figures Pick Their Favorite L.A. Novels

For the last nine months, L.A. Weekly has conducted a tournament to determine the best L.A. novel ever -- but we wanted to know what others thought as well. We asked a number of our favorite writers, booksellers, publishers and critics to tell us about their favorite L.A. novel. Here's......
Luke Haynes; Credit: Photo by Nanette Gonzales

Why Chiwan Choi Is the Jay-Z of Poetry

Poet and publisher Chiwan Choi had just finished a reading in Highland Park and was riding the bus back to his downtown L.A. apartment when something changed. It was one of those picturesque days when the city seemed too perfect; the sky looked as if it had been painted by......
The Servideo brothers

A Celebration of Boston, in Santa Monica

When I was 16 years old, about a week or two after the planes crashed into the twin towers in 2001, I went to a Red Sox game with my father and my little brother. My father refused to give the tickets away, even though the Sox weren't playing well......
Credit: Pegarty Long

10 Essential Beat Generation Landmarks in Los Angeles

When most people envision the Beat Generation, they probably start with a vision of Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg, stumbling into a bar in New York City, rambling on about Nebraska and staring into the electric religion of the American plains. Or perhaps people think of Lawrence Ferlinghetti,......
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