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The Worst Celebrity Apologies of 2017 (So Far)

Apologizing is really difficult for many people. And rare. Especially for the empowered, elite and entitled. The type of person who can deliver a credible apology typically doesn't find himself in the situation where he'd need a good public apology. That’s because the evasiveness it takes to serially abuse or......
Bet you remember The Cardigans video better than you remember Baz's Romeo plus sign Juliet.; Credit: 20th Century Fox

10 Times Mediocre Movies Spawned Really Great Music Videos

Before both industries went in different directions post-file sharing, mainstream movies and music hit a synergistic peak in the ‘90s as the movie soundtrack became a dominant pop culture form. These days, soundtracks are mostly irrelevant and unnecessary, as streaming playlists have displaced the commercial compilation. The ‘90s in particular......
Dave Anthony

L.A. Podcast Festival Returns, Now With More Socialism

The sixth installment of the L.A. Podcast Festival is titled “Truth & Lies,” a nod to the era of conflation of fact and fiction, comedy and horror, news and the other thing we are all currently mired in. The festival features stalwarts like the consistently gory and good My Favorite......
Jon McNaughton made a video about his piece Liberalism Is a Disease — hold on tight!; Credit: YouTube

8 Atrocious Examples of Modern American Conservative Art

There’s a lot of bad art out there. It's everywhere, really. But there's perhaps nowhere you'll find a higher concentration of truly vile and utterly failed efforts to create powerful art than when you start trawling through the annals of “political art." Even some of the best political art out......
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8 Things You Might Not Know About Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is one of those quintessentially Californian, weird-ass entertainment destinations. In addition to its eponymous berries, the park, which opened in 1920, is probably most famous for being one of the first theme parks of its kind....
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