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Big Noise From Little Radio

Spoon Little Radio, July 16 It was at least 100 degrees in the slam-packed, converted downtown warehouse that is Little Radio. Spoon’s prickly main man, Britt Daniels, had a tough time keeping the sweat out of his eyes. In concise, sweeping motions, he wiped his brow with his sleeve while......
(Illustration by Ronald Kurniawan)

Best Place to Get Strung Up

Best Place to Get Strung Up With the advent of online music superstores and big-box retailers such as Guitar Center, musicians today have few places to look if they’re inclined to deal directly with a knowledgeable craftsperson — or any person, for that matter. And when it comes to instruments......

Talkin' 'Bout Third Generation

A family business can be either a burden to the generations that follow or an irresistible calling. For Tomas Delgado the latter is true. A charming and passionate man with a fondness for baseball caps, he speaks eloquently about “putting as many high-quality instruments in the hands of musicians as......
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