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Brandon Bogajewicz holding volumes 1 and 2 of Vinyl Moon; Credit: Jessie Schiewe

Like Mixtapes? Love Vinyl? This Company Combines Them

Sometime in early September, a few hundred people around the world received a flat, cardboard box in the mail containing a heavily padded, highly anticipated vinyl record. Ostensibly, those same few hundred people slipped the record out of its astral-themed jacket and then placed it under the needle of their......
Credit: Jessica Schiewe

Best Place to Buy Old-Time Radio on CD

Read Books is, first and foremost, a used bookstore. What most people don't realize is that it has a treasure trove of old-time radio shows available on CD. The shop sells everything from sci-fi (X Minus One) and mysteries (The Mystery Train) to noir, crime shows (The Whisperer) and comedies (The Jack......
Credit: Courtesy of Refined Hardware

Best Local Watch Manufacturer

If you didn't think people in L.A. made watches, you're wrong. The art of luxury watchmaking thrives at a shop in downtown Los Angeles where the nascent Refined Hardware is headquartered. These online-only, highly engineered, handmade timepieces, which can be customized into bespoke pieces (from $1,675) via a "make-it-yourself" app......
Credit: Jessie Schiewe

Best Secret Lake

Did you know there's a lake high above L.A., on a trail offering views of downtown and Pasadena? Well, you're not alone. Ernest E. Debs Regional Park occupies 300 acres of old ranch land in Monterey Hills, a tiny neighborhood bordered by El Sereno, Montecito Heights and the equally tiny......
Credit: Jessie Schiewe

Best Place to Buy Used Furniture

Is IKEA beyond your means just now? Is your cozy and overpriced apartment sized about right for an inexpensive nightstand with attached lamp? Or are you still an analog junkie who loves the sound of scoring a decent VHS TV combo for $9.99? Then Son of a Vet Thrift Shop......
Credit: Courtesy of Viking Social

L.A.'s 10 Best Up-and-Coming Rappers

Los Angeles has been a hotbed of rap and hip-hop for decades, and the current time is no exception. While there are a slew of big names coming out of the City of Angels, there’s a burgeoning underground scene of lesser known but equal talents. Thanks in large part to......
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