Jessica Hilo

Credit: The Looking Class

Obama's Got the Techno Vote

LA-based collective, The Looking Class, has taken up the challenge of reinvigorating our political disillusionment through an inspired social engineering design project now embarking on its maiden voyage.

We'll skip the obvious one

Monster Mash: Top 5 Unusual Songs On Loan to Lady Gaga

Glee's return last week from an interminably long hiatus set a new low in plot-delivery, and one that managed to churn Gwyneth Paltrow's endearingly unapologetic substitute teacher into a low-grade copy of Mary Poppins (c'mon folks, "Jolly Holiday"/Holly Holiday). It also managed to clear the way for what has become......

Top 10 Gratuitous Acoustic Pop Covers

Watching Katy Perry's cover of Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" reminded us: In college, roughly 68% of undergraduates (a figure we made up for purposes of sounding researched) take up the acoustic guitar. Think of it as a rite of passage marred by awful covers of Neil Young and the......
Credit: Allied Artists Pictures

Top 10 Songs to Annoy Your Neighbor

Freshman year in college, the albatrosses living next door would squawk into the wee hours of the night over their latest conquests or sorority happenings. And while, being night owls, we normally wouldn't take issue with the noise, every so often the ladies would play a song so loud that......
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