Jeff Chang

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Om Nia Merican

The man is a package of slashes: actorauthorscreenwriterslam poetblack rockerindie hip-hop hero slash slash slash. You want credentials? He‘s an MC with an MFA -- the original black Renaissance man as post-hip-hop motherfucker of reinvention. Saul Stacey Williams’ hero is Paul Robeson, another son of a preacher man, another rebel......
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Turn the Tide

DUBCHEK Down Memory Gap Lane (Unitone) The musical pedigree is impressive enough: jungle-ist David Barratt of Yellownote and vocalist Papa Dee of Brooklyn Funk Essentials. Between these salt-and-pepper Portobello Road refugees, there have been forays into Fred Wesley, Pharoah Sanders, Frankie Knuckles and Photek. But by the third song of......