James "Nocando" McCall

Cadalack Ron

R.I.P. Rapper Cadalack Ron: We Just Lost a Real One

This generation of L.A. underground rap just took another blow. We lost someone that you may not know too much about. His name is Cadalack Ron or Robert Paulson. It's a shame that you have to be informed of him this way. This generation of L.A. underground rap isn't equipped......
Nocando; Credit: Photo by Dominic Cooley

Dumbfoundead and the Year of the Metal Tiger

I write this the day after playing a hip-hop show near Melrose and Vermont called Rhyme Fest L.A. The headliner was KRS-One and the bill included Haiku D’Etat, Planet Asia and many other hip-hop acts. I was the odd duck, young but not so young that I think real hip-hop......
Nocando; Credit: Photo by Amanda Lopez

Rhymin' Riddlore and the Lesson of Anti-Thirst

Leimert Park on Thursday nights was the most diverse place ethnically and socio-economically that I'd experienced in this city at that very young age of 18. My peers and I have been known to affectionately refer to it as the Dojo later on. We were learning there, real time. It......
Nocando; Credit: Photo by Amanda Lopez

An Open Letter to Morgan Freeman

Dear Morgan Freeman, I’d like to start off this letter by saying that I am a fan of your work and you are a master of your craft. The first time I can remember being emotionally affected by a movie that didn't have animated characters in it was Glory. I......
Nocando; Credit: Photo by Amanda Lopez

Battle Rap: I'm Just Not That Into You

From the early ’00s until the early ’10s I built a reputation for being very good at battle rapping. Mostly I’m proud of what I did, but sometimes I’m ashamed of it. For those unfamiliar with battle rap, imagine slam poetry mixed with insult game the Dozens, only about 10......
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