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G'day! I'm Taco Man! I'm here to surgically rejuvenate your vag

Vaginoplasty Labia Surgery Might Get Cut From Aussie Health Care

In Australia, and anywhere, a vagina sometimes needs a little off the top...and I'm not talking about bikini waxes, bushy lightning bolts, or any hairstyles of the pubic forest. Read more --> Top Bikini Wax Trends! If an over-hanging labium has got you feeling low, a trip to the local......
Go Go Yogi Penis!

Bhutanese People Use Penis Portraits Ward Off Evil Spirits

Far away in the ancient Asian Kingdom of Bhutan, large, hairy caricatures of erect male members are gracing street corners, sprucing up alleyways and ejaculating good fortune unto all those who behold and bear witness. No, this isn't Banksy working on a new avant-garde graffiti project overseas; it's a virile......
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