The powerful and industrious working women of the night got their moment in the sun in a dual-action, two-part 'hooker salute' starting with the Miss Hooker Pageant last Friday at the Dragonfly in Hollywood and culminating with the HOOKERS group art exhibition that opened to the public Saturday night in Culver City.

All of this prostitution-al madness was choreographed by L.A. native and hooker enthusiast, Natalia Fabia.

“It must of been about 10 years ago, I just started calling my friends hookers; just like someone would call someone 'dude', like, 'Hey hooker!' Then I looked up a definition one year, and it said: A hooker is someone who sells their talents and abilities for money. […] and I feel like everyone is like that.”

Fabia immortalized by Sean Cheetum in "Hooker."

Fabia immortalized by Sean Cheetum in “Hooker.”

Already a renowned art force, two weeks away from delivering her first child, and coming off the self-proclaimed “high energy, super-fun weirdness” party of the pageant the night before, the art opening turned out to be a packed-in, busy smash. Still, Fabia persisted, “Last night was the real thing; those [hookers] are who we are inspired by.”

Affectionately referred to by contemporary artist Gary Baseman as his “daughter” and likewise he her “father,” Fabia's work shows a collective spirit among people of all the socially alternative circles. Favorably of mine being the punk rock lifestyle, which is a self-expressive theme in many of her personal paintings and portraits. Fabia's personal addition to the show, “Miss America Fuck Yeah,” is an apt title for her final statement on what a hooker means.

Rockwell Gets a Hooker (F. Scott Hess, "Bubbly")

Rockwell Gets a Hooker (F. Scott Hess, “Bubbly”)

Aside from gallery surfing, spectating, drinking for free, and smoking cigarettes outside in the rain like a cool guy, I got a chance to speak with a contestant from the Miss Hooker Pagent 2012 (second-place winner, in fact) who came to support her friend and the show.

“It's fun; it's immortalizing the hookers,” says real-life working girl, 'Miss Nailed It'.

Call girls are indeed the live models for the paintings. In fact, many live-art models are often at times prostitutes that have a love and appreciation for the arts, and who are not so shy to bare their souls and whatever else they have on.

Overall, she has interpreted the show as a compliment, but stays grounded and real, not unlike the painting of her that hung on the gallery wall.

“[It's]…kinda redefining what a hooker is, but, it's still a hooker. You know…independent, strong, women that work for themselves.”

Hookers is a group art exhibition that is on view now through April 11 at the Corey Helford Gallery, 8522 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 90232. The show features work by John Paul Altamira, Frank Carter, Sean Cheetham, Natalia Fabia, Albert Fabia, Korin Faught, Phil Hale, F. Scott Hess, Michael Hussar, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Maria Kreyn, Jeremy Lipking, Ann Marshall, Jeff McMillan, Tara McPherson, Jeff Nentrup, Chris Pugliese, REVOK, Erik Mark Sandberg, Alex Schafer, Frank Stockton, Marc Trujillo, Kent Williams, and Stephen Wright.

Favorite quote of the night: “…with a show like this; it's gotta be nuts.” — contributing artist F. Scott Hess.

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