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An Open Letter to the Entertainment Industry's "Good Guys"

To the good guys in the industry, You knew. Of course you knew. In most cases it was obvious. In others we told you. You even listened sometimes. You considered our words and made all the right sounds of compassion. Then you put our concerns on the scales and weighed......
Arya and Sansa's relationship survived a season of male manipulation.; Credit: Courtesy HBO

Game of Thrones — Is It Really All Cocks in the End?

SPOILERS AHEAD ... OK, let’s get this out of the way first: The season finale of Game of Thrones was awesome in pretty much every way. But, honestly, the rest of the season wasn’t. Game of Thrones has never been about dragons and armies of the dead. At its best,......
Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) was brutally sexually abused by her depraved husband

5 Things TV Still Gets Wrong About Rape

Almost 50 years have passed since All in the Family’s Edith Bunker was the victim of an attempted rape on primetime television. “Edith’s 50th Birthday” was a groundbreaking episode, all the more remarkable for the fact that the show was a sitcom. Despite laughs that would make most views cringe......
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