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Ask a Stoner: Is Pot Smoke Harmful to Dogs?

Dear Stoner: I always feel so bad for dogs when people blow smoke in their faces. I can tell they don’t like it. Are they getting high, or is it just irritating them? Money Monet Dear Monet: Both — but if I had to pick one, I’d say the dog......
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Ask a Stoner: Why Roll a Joint Inside Out?

Dear Stoner: A festival-going friend rolls joints inside out and says they’re better that way. Wouldn’t they be manufactured that way if that were the case? Dab-oo Sweeney Dear Dab-oo: Papers and blunt wraps are merely canvases for rolling artists to spin their magic. The regular way is the easiest......
Get lit for the holidays.; Credit: Lindsey Bartlett

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Have a Merryjuana Christmas?

Dear Stoner: What are some ways to tastefully incorporate weed into Christmas morning? Holly Dear Kim: Christmas is all about getting cozy, so keep that in mind as visions of sugar nugs dance in your head. And nothing is cozier than Christmas cookies and cocoa, both of which you can......
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